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Family Wills

Family in your wills

If you want to put family in your wills, there’s often a concern that their wealth and assets may go...

Family Home

Discretionary Trusts

Question – Why use Discretionary Trusts in your Wills? Answer – Why wouldn’t you? If you leave an asset, a...

Wills Online Info

We’ve had a wills online will writing offer for 12 years now, we were one of the earliest to offer...

How to Write a Will

Typical Basic Wills Story

Basic Single Will This is a will written for a single person and needs to tick all the right legal...

You Need a Will

I don’t need a will

I talk to a lot of people who think they don’t need a will, they have various reasons for thinking...

Will Writing

Will Amendments

There are many occurrences in your life that result in you needing to make Will Amendments. All sorts of things...

Will Costs

Why use Trusts?

We are regularly asked this question about Trusts as many families are not sure of the answer. What we say...

Family Home

Protect the Family Home

If you’ve worked hard all your life to pay for your house then you’ll know it’s important to protect the...

Family Wills

Family Wills – Write your Wills Today

Family Wills are really important when you start a family but the people who start a family are young people...