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2020 Vision

whats going to happen in 2020 regarding inheritance tax and will writing and estate planning...
Regualtion of Wills

Ready for Brexit

Are we all ready for Brexit...

Rules of Intestacy

The Rules of intestacy for someone who has died after 1st October 2014 are a little complex and not usually...



MW Legal Services now has a full time Conveyancing partner in the form of Premier Solicitors based in Bedford but...

National Will Statistics

National Will Statistics

National Statistics about wills and people who have no will...
Single Wills

What do we do?

Will Writing, Trusts, Probate and LPAs all written to make sure your family is protected when you die...

Estate Administration

Estate Administration is more than just probate...
Will Do Will Writing App

Will Do Will App V 2.0

Will Do Instant Will Writing App on iOS and Android...
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