Owned and operated by a Professional Will Writer! was launched in 2007 by me, Matt Walkden, after I’d trained as a Will Writer and using the valuable previous experience I’d gained as a Senior Manager in a Multi-National Company.

I am a Member of the Society of Will Writers and I am an Authorised Probate Consultant, I have over 12 years experience as an expert in the field of Will Writing. The vision was to make sure customers get the best possible online solution.

Most families in England & Wales need to write their Wills rather than let the government take matters into their own hands. Wills are covered by a £2.5million Professional Indemnity Insurance to give my clients complete peace of mind.

If you need any of this vital area explained in greater detail, please feel free to call me during office hours on 01305 774786.

My aim is to provide the best online Will Writing site by continually offering a fast, high quality, value for money service. In accordance with this, regular visitors will have noticed that the site has been updated to a new format, the reassuring element is that all the Online Will Forms still come directly to me and I still write every Will myself.

The site is wholly owned and operated by my company MW Legal Services.

As always, and repeated many times on this website, it’s always my pleasure to talk directly to my clients if they want advice on their wills and estates, Inheritance Tax, Tenants in Common or any other Will related subject. When you call MW Legal I’m the one you’ll be talking to, if I’m in an appointment then my phone goes to voicemail, please leave a message because I always call back!

Yours sincerely

Matt Walkden
Professional Will Writer
& Authorised Probate Consultant

Matt Walkden Will Writer

Matt Walkden Will Writer

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