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I am a Professional Will Writer and I offer a small number of other products that complement my Will Writing such as Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA’s), Fixed Price Estate Administration, often called Probate and some Property Products such as changing a family home from Joint owners to Tenants in Common.

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Deceased Estate

Deed of Variation

Deed of Variation and the three main ways that they can be used to protect assets and reduce Inheritance Tax...
Will Writing

The Importance of Family Will Writing

Many people, especially young families, postpone family will writing. Maybe it is because it may seem unpleasant, far off, or...

Town Houses

Your Home

Make Sure the Right People Inherit Your Home For most of us these days our home is our biggest asset....

Family Home

Trust Registration Service

Trust Registration Service This is an important update on the Trust Registration System (TRS), the HMRC are expanding the TRS...

Deceased Estate

Regulation of Wills

I am often asked about the Regulation of Wills and Will Writing and there’s quite a lot of inaccurate information...

Deceased Estate

5 Reasons to Make a Will

5 Reasons to Make a Will It’s all too easy to put off making a Will but the difficulty is...

Town Houses

Lifetime Property Trusts

Lifetime Property Trusts, sometimes called Family Protection Trusts, are being offered to many households at the moment, often by cold...

Deceased Estate

Easing of Lockdown

Isn’t it just great to see the easing of lockdown, these past few months have been very testing for all...

National Will Statistics

4 Star rating from The Times

The Times Money Mentor 4 Star Rating...

2020 Vision

whats going to happen in 2020 regarding inheritance tax and will writing and estate planning...