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MW Legal Services are able to offer a number of unregulated products that offer excellent value for money at the highest level of customer service.


We offer fully legal wills for individuals or couples accessed in a number of different ways so that no matter what your needs we can cater for them. Online wills are available on this website for single people or couples. You can fill in one of our forms and have your will ready to be signed within ten minutes.
We also offer wills by telephone and email exchange, these usually suit people with more complex situations or if they require trusts built into their wills to protect assets or vulnerable people that they care for.

We can visit your home to talk to you about your wills, your family’s needs and asset protection requirements. We can advise on Inheritance Tax and how best to make use of your Nil Rate Bands and your Residence Nil Rate Bands so that your estate pays as little IHT as possible before being passed to your loved ones.

online will writing services

We offer a variety of online will writing services

MW Legal Services are able to offer a number of unregulated products that offer excellent value for money at the highest level of customer service….


Single Will

this includes:

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Mirror Will

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Family PPT Wills

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Additional services include

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Lasting Power of Attorney

(Both Health & Welfare and Property & Affairs)

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Home Visits Available

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Telephone Wills

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Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

These are vital documents that allow you to nominate someone to look after your affairs should you be mentally or physically unable to do so yourself. There are two different types of LPA, one is called Property & Affairs and is designed to allow someone to deal with your banks accounts, bills etc., the other is called Health & Welfare and it gives your Attorney permission to deal with your medical issues should you not be in a position to do so yourself.

Both of these LPA’s need to be drawn up by us, sent to you for signing etc. and then registering at the Office of The Public Guardian, the OPG make a charge for the registering of both documents.

online lasting power of attorney services

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Property Products

One of the issues with correctly writing someone’s Will is to ensure that their assets are arranged in such a way as to allow their wills to work as they intended. This often involves altering the way couples own property or ensuring that their property ownership is registered correctly at the Land Registry.

To help people in these matters we offer the following:

  • Joint ownership changes to Tenants in Common
  • Sole ownership changes to Tenants in Common
  • Voluntary First Registration of Unregistered Property
Property Will Writing Products


Whether we’ve written someone’s Will or not, when they die, it is important that the Probate is dealt with efficiently both for the benefit of the estate and the beneficiaries, and, for a married couple, to ensure that the Nil Rate Band is correctly transferred should this be necessary.

Many Wills also have Trusts built into them so that assets are protected for future generations etc. it is vitally important to set these Trusts up correctly when acting as Executor to a deceased loved one’s Will.

Probate and Trust Will Writing Services

We offer an excellent, specialised Fixed Price Probate service so whether you want to do the work yourself but need assistance with the forms (DIY Assist) or want us to only obtain the Grant of Probate for you and you do the rest (Grant Assist) or fi you want to appoint us to carry out a Full Probate service, a fixed price can be offered to you and the family so that you know exactly what you’ll be spending and that your work is being carried out by experienced Probate Professionals. A free consultation for fixed fee Probate work is offered, all you need to do is call us to arrange it.

Fixed Price Probate Services