National Will Statistics

National Will Statistics

One of the shocking National Will Statistics in recent years is the small amount of our Adult Population that have a legal will in place.

Sadly, and amazingly, the figure still hovers around 70% don’t have a will and 30% do have a will. As a Professional Will Writer part of my job is not really selling, it’s convincing people that now is the time to write their wills.

Most people I talk to say that writing their will is on their list of things to do but it rarely gets to the top. Our online forms are there to help the general public, we offer high quality wills and a very fast service so that you, the general population, can at least have a legal basic will in place. Just in case the worst thing happens.

National Will Statistics
Graph of National Will Statistics

One look at this National Statistics graphic and it tells a story, don’t be one of the 70%, be sensible and join the 30%, join the few who have wills in place. your loved ones will thank you for it!

Single people can write their own will here.

Couples of any sort can write their wills together here.

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