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We’ve had a wills online will writing offer for 12 years now, we were one of the earliest to offer such a product and ours remains one of the most successful with over 12,000 clients worldwide.

We have clients from all over England & Wales, the areas we officially cover but many people all over the world use our services to cover their assets here either in parallel with another will that they have in their country of residence or as their only will covering their assets worldwide.

Many ex-pats living in EU countries use our ability to also write wills in accordance with the Brussels IV agreement so that their assets in certain EU countries, including France, Spain, Germany and Italy, are all dealt with under the laws of England & Wales.

Even our basic wills online allow you to use the agreement above as well as nominate your Executors, your chosen Guardians if you have children under 18 years old and obviously your beneficiaries but also a second level of beneficiaries.

Our Wills online can be used for single Wills, suitable for one person, and Joint wills (sometimes called mirror wills) which are suitable for any couple living together in the same property. It doesn’t matter if they’re married, civil partners or simply partners, with or without children.

the advantage of writing your wills online is that you get the opportunity to amend them before they are posted to you and you don’t need to make an appointment or leave the house to get them sorted out, a great service from the comfort of your own home. It really is the best way to write your wills, sort out your own will first then tell your friends about our service so they can sort out their own wills too.

So don’t delay, write your will today, use our forms and get the best service in the industry.

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