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Do you need a Dorset Will Writing company? Although I have clients from all over England & Wales (in fact from all over the world as I also write many Wills for Ex-Pats) my main home visit business is from in and around my local area, I live and work in Weymouth, recently named as the UK’s number one beach resort, and the bulk of my home visit clients are close at hand, almost all in Dorset.

If you live in Dorset then the process is simple, not only do you have the usual options of filling in one of my online will forms or downloading my Will Do will writing app onto your iPhone and writing your will that way, but you can also use my telephone will service and my home visit service, prices for these services can be found on my Will Prices web page.

All you need to do is give me a call and make an appointment for me to come out and visit. I am happy making house calls up until about 8pm if your circumstances are such that an appointment cannot be made during office hours, many of my will clients work so this is a common option.

When I come to visit, we have a “no obligation” chat about your circumstances and needs, the same for single people as well as couples, married or not, and I’ve written many many wills for same sex couples so please don’t think of that as a barrier.

If you engage my services for Dorset Will Writing and I take your instructions, before I leave there’s a few official documents to sign and the payment method to confirm then I go back to the office and write your Wills. I then either post or email a draft to you for checking in the first instance, at this stage, you can be free to make any alterations or corrections that you would like to make and I’ll keep sending out new drafts for approval until you are entirely satisfied with the Wills that I’ve produced.

You then confirm acceptance to me and I will print the originals. The originals then need to be signed, dated and witnessed correctly, I will have previously confirmed with you whether I am to be present at the signing or not, if I’m to be present, I’ll come to your home again and, along with a second witness, supervise the will signing. If I’m not to attend then I’ll print and post the Original will to you with full signing instructions and ask that you confirm back to me that the will has been signing according to the instructions and has become a legal document.

Please call me now and make an appointment, my number is 01305 774786.

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