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Will Amendments

There are many occurrences in your life that result in you needing to make Will Amendments. All sorts of things can happen that have an effect on the way you want your estate dealt with after your death and these need to be accurately reflected in your will.

Some examples of this are simple and happen in many people’s lives:

  • Buying a new house
  • Moving in with a partner
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • Death of a Parent
  • Many more…

Not all of these triggers make it compulsory and the list above is not exhaustive either but if one of these things occurs in your life then you should consider a new will, there are less obvious ones too that make people think about their wills, a classic example is much of our business in January each year, over Christmas many families get together and are forced to spend time in an enclosed space with people that they don’t always get on with and arguments happen, sometimes fueled by alcohol, and as a result families allow cracks to get wider and fall outs occur. Then we are often asked to make amendments to wills in that family as a result. It’s a sad occurrence but more common than you might think, certainly more common than most would hope.

The other reason that January is a busy month for us is a lot of people who know they need a will but have never got around to it make a New Year’s Resolution to write a will this year and so get on the case in January and find our simple online will forms ideal for most situations.

New Baby

Birth of a child

A new baby appearing on the scene is an obvious reason for amendments but new parents are often very busy and tied up with other things too busy to think about the long term safety of their child, they need to nominate Guardians straight away just in case something happens to them whilst the child is young. Very Important!!

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