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No time for Guardians? There’s obviously a thousand things to do when a new baby arrives and whether your a single parent or a happy couple, a new born baby arriving changes everything. Protecting your baby is a natural instinct, you buy warm clothes for them, you make sharp edges in your house safe, you make your garden and play areas safe, the list goes on and on.

One thing that you need to do is write your will as you can only nominate a Guardian for your child through your will. The Guardian is the person who you nominate to look after your child in the event of your death, it’s a vital role so, obviously, it’s a vital document to have in place.

You can further protect your child by leaving them your assets so that they have a good start in life, the best you can do for them, and, if you die before they are 18, then you leave those assets in trust for them.

All of our wills, whether you use Will Do – The instant Will Writing App, or either one of our online forms to the right of this page, have anything left to minors (children under 18) placed in a trust, it’s part of the basic will that we write every time.

Leaving your assets in trust for your children this way enables the Guardians that you’ve nominated to draw from the trust any funds that they need to bring up your child and then, anything left in the trust when the child gets to 18 years old can go directly to them at that age.

Only when you’ve written your will in this way can you really relax, safe in the knowledge that through life, and even in death, you’ve done the best for them.

It’s also important to update your will when any new children come along so that your current will always reflects your current family situation.

If you need any advice on who to nominate or how these trusts work, please give us a call, we’ll be happy to explain it to you.

A word of warning, if you are considering nominating your parents as Guardians of your children, they may be excellent choices at the moment if they are still young enough to cope with a young child and they’ve done a good job bringing you up but review your will regularly as it may be wise to chose new Guardians as your parents grow older and less able to cope with young children.

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