Property Fraud

Property Fraud or Scam Awareness Month

Property Fraud is a problem

This month, July 2016, is being designated by the HM Land Registry as Property Scam Awareness Month and as such they are making considerable efforts to bring to the public’s attention information on what it’s all about and how you can defend yourself from it.

Property fraud is when someone who doesn’t have any right or Title to a property pretends that they do for financial gain or some other nefarious reason. If you’re not careful and guarding yourselves against such people you may lose your house to them, it is possible and the risk of this can be greatly reduced by reading the advice given by the Land Registry and taking it. The contents of their leaflet on the subject can be read here.

Register for alerts

In addition to the useful leaflet on the subject, HMLR have created an online alert system which is very easy to use and anyone can create an account, log in, mark up to 10 properties that they would like to keep an eye on and get the alerts that they send out whenever there is a pending change of Title to any of the properties that they’ve listed.

Our advice is to click on the link above and have a read of the leaflet, then visit the Land Registry website and login and mark your property to keep a check on it. The service is FREE and very easy to use.

The only proviso is that your property MUST be registered for this to work, if you’re property isn’t registered, we can carry out the Voluntary First Registration of your property for you, our fees are on the Prices page here.

If you have any concerns about using the Land Registry service or are unsure if your property is registered or not then please feel free to give us a call from our Contact page here.

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