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    Here’s some interesting notes on Probate:

    • about half a million people die every year
    • 50% of these require probate
    • 65% of those appoint professional help

    Many people who attempt to “DIY” probate end up appointing professionals to help as the job is complex and the responsibility is great. We at have an excellent Probate partner who offers fixed fee solutions to suit all situations:

    • Full Estate Administration – this is where the family of a deceased person appoints a professional to carry out the work in it’s entirety, many Solicitors offer this but on an hourly rate basis, our partners offer a FIXED fee to the family for them to accept or reject, as simple as that.
    • Grant Assist – this is a fixed fee of £995 for helping the family of a deceased person obtain a Grant of Probate so that they can carry out the deceased’s wishes as laid out in their Will. Once the Grant of Probate is obtained our partners hand the work over to the nominated family Executors, it includes us attending Court on the Executors behalf to obtain the Grant of Probate and the Court application fee.
    • Standalone – Whilst a nominated family Executor may be capable of carrying out most of the work required by a deceased relatives simple Will, there may be an element, such as setting up a Property Trust or Discretionary Trust, that they need assistance with, this can be dealt with as a Standalone service by our partners.
    • DIY Assist – If the Deceased’s Will nominates a member of their family as Executor but that family member wants to have assistance filling in the forms to obtain a Grant of Probate then our partner offers this very basic service, just completing the forms so that a family member can get the Grant. This is done for a very reasonable FIXED fee of £495.

    If you require any of the above service levels or a quote fro them, please call on 01305 774786

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    I am a Professional Will Writer and I offer a small number of other products that complement my Will Writing such as Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA’s), Fixed Price Estate Administration, often called Probate and some Property Products such as changing a family home from Joint owners to Tenants in Common.

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