Dog Pets In Wills

Pets in your Will

I’m making arrangements for my pets at the moment as I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks in the summer and it’s of great concern to me that they are well looked after and adequately provided for whilst I’m away.

It’s no wonder then that people want to make provisions for pets in their wills, we do it better now than the ancient Egyptians or even knights of old in England used to. The Egyptian Pharaohs often had their pets buried alive with them in their tombs and faithful dogs of Knights of old have been known to be killed on their master’s death to be buried at their feet.

So yes, we now prefer to look after our pets after our deaths and I am often asked to put this into client’s wills.

Dog Pets in Wills

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The most common pet to be mentioned in wills that I write is the Tortoise, the obvious reason for this is that 9 times out of 10 they are destined to out-live us by a long way and so provision has to be made, however, if a client is an animal lover in general then I can use the term “any pets that I own at the time of my death” or if they are particularly dedicated to a species such as cats or dogs then I can be more specific. It’s not usually a good idea to name a pet as the pet might pre-decease you and in turn you get another pet, so being slightly more general than that is advised.

Pets can be gifted specifically to a person that you know will look after them well or you can nominate a charity that cares for similar animals as yours, often these gifts are accompanied by either a cash gift or a legacy in the form of a trust. Sometimes the client will simply ask their Executors to do the best they can with rehoming the pet although this is a burden that’s a little unfair on the Executors who are probably already doing quite a bit on your behalf.

If you want to include for a pet in your will and you’re using the normal 48 hours online will writing form then all you have to do is write what you want in the box for gifts and I’ll include your wishes in your wills.

Pets in Wills

Pets in Wills

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