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    The online wills website Service allows you to make use of our Will writing service 24 hours a day, every day!

    Our instant download service takes only ten minutes to fill out and download your own fully legal will and is available via the iOS app Will Do. Or you can use my personal service and I’ll write your will for you and that includes commenting on your wishes in case there are any issues that you need to be aware of.

    Single Wills
    Single Online Wills

    The intelligent, interactive questionnaire, with explanatory notes, guides you to complete the interview and pay for the service online.

    All Wills are written by a fully trained Will Writing Professional with over 14 years experience.

    You can decide the level of the download service – options include:

    -Controls to establish if you require specialist advice in relation to their Will e.g. if you have business interests, tax considerations, disabled beneficiaries, etc.

    -You get a Draft will to check within 48 hours of completing the online form and when approved it’s posted to you first class along with full signing instructions or you could even use the Free Will Do app.

    -Once you’ve signed your will you have a number of storage options, you can store the will yourself of use our National Storage facility which includes your will being registered as existing, with no detail showing, on the National Will Register.

    How do you make payments from to us?

    All customer payments are handled by PayPal. PayPal is a third-party online payment provider and will allow you to make payments quickly and most importantly securely.

    Customers can pay for their Will with or without a PayPal account – PayPal non-members can simply pay by entering their credit/debit card details in PayPal’s secure system.

    What does it cost?

    The Online Will Service costs can be viewed on our pricing page here.

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    Matt Walkden Will Writer

    About Matt Walkden

    I am a Professional Will Writer and I offer a small number of other products that complement my Will Writing such as Lasting Power of Attorneys (LPA’s), Fixed Price Estate Administration, often called Probate and some Property Products such as changing a family home from Joint owners to Tenants in Common.

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    Read why over 13,000 people have written a will with us...

    As well as the many hundreds of times our clients recommend us to their friends and families, please read what some of them have written to us and said…

    “They really do cover everything thoroughly and provide comprehensive supporting information with friendly and empathetic telephone support, during what could be for some people, a traumatic process. I am so pleased thatI found them whilst doing a lot of research online and I can now rest assured that my legacy is in safe hands.”
    Mrs R. Dow, Cornwall
    “I’m very impressed with the service that your company has offered and how quick and hassle free the process has been. I will definitely recommend your service to my family and friends.”
    Miss D. Blakley – Kent
    “Please be assured that I have found your service to be nothing short of exceptional and will have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to anyone considering making a Will.”
    Mr A. Sharp, Cornwall

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