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Here at MW Legal Services we make sure that our clients have the peace of mind that comes with their wills being fully insured. As Members of the Society of Will Writers we have to adhere to the rules that they set for us and amongst the most important are two rules that directly effect our clients satisfaction levels:

1 – We have to continuously keep our Legal knowledge up to date, we do this by attending many training sessions and we also have a monthly online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program which is compulsory.

2 – We have to prove to the Society that we have in place a minimum of £2.5million Professional Indemnity Insurance against every will that we write. Ours is a specialist policy, designed for Professional Will Writers and endorsed by the Society itself.

So with all this in place and coupled with our extremely personal and high standard of customer service we are not surprised that we are continuously getting high praise from our clients and being recommended to their own friends and family. We’ve been writing wills online for over 10 years now and have over 15,000 satisfied clients which in itself is testament to our quality of service, many High Street Solicitors and Will Writing companies alike have had to cease trading during that period of recession, the modern client expects high standards at a good price and that’s what we’ve been happy to provide and will continue to do so into the future.
Insured Will Writer

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