How To Write A Will

How to write a will

A simple guide on How to Write a Will

Using this website is very easy, you leave all the complicated work to us,  to write a will follow these simple steps:

1 – Decide whether you want a single will (just for one person) or a joint will (for two people living together, married or not). Click on the correct form, Single or Joint.

2 – Fill in the simple online form and make payment.

3 – Leave the rest to us.

It really is 3 simple steps to getting your will written and made legal, the whole process only takes about 2-3 days and once it’s done you’ll feel lots better about the safety of your estate.

How to Write a Will

Write your Will on the move

We have written wills for thousands of people using these online write a will forms and all are satisfied customers, we deal with these will instructions within 1 working day, the whole process usually takes less than 3 days from completion of the form to receiving your will in the post. Obviously it’s really important that you then complete the process and get your will signed, you need to do this in front of 2 independent people such as next door neighbours or work colleagues.

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