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High Praise from Surrogacy UK clients

Here at MW Legal Services I write a lot of Wills for people going through their own Surrogacy journey, usually with Surrogacy UK and I get many compliments from the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mother’s alike.

Recently I wrote wills for Mr & Mrs S of Swindon and, after completion, this is what they had to say:

“Thank you so much for your help with these Matt as I said I’ve passed your details to [my husband]’s parents and my sister so they will be in contact with you in the new year to amend and produce new wills.
“You made this whole experience really stress free for us and for that we are truly grateful!
“We are also support workers at surrogacy uk and will be recommending you to our couples as and when they require your services!!
“Have a wonderful Christmas and new year!”
It’s this sort of reaction that makes my job worthwhile and, as I know my from later conversations and altering wills after the birth of the child, many of these journeys have fabulous happy endings. I just thought that this is a good story to share at Christmas.
Over the Christmas period I’ll still be writing many wills as it’s important to offer such a seamless service to my clients, if you need a will written in a hurry to download immediately then you could consider using my “Will Do” app which is available for anyone using an iPhone or iPad.
Remember, you don’t have to be going through a Surrogacy journey to write your wills, no matter what your situation, get in touch and get your will written, it’s very important and your loved ones will thank you for do the job properly.
If you are interested in Surrogacy UK then visit their website here.
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