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Family Wills – Write your Wills Today

Family Wills are really important when you start a family but the people who start a family are young people and young people don’t usually see writing a will as a priority in their lives.

But it should be! Your will is the only place that you can nominate Guardians for your children so, as soon as you have a family, write your wills!

It’s really easy to do this using our online forms, for single parents, the single form allows you to nominate Executors of your Will, guardians for your children and then you can name your children as beneficiaries of your estate. Their inheritance is held in trust for them until they reach 18 and your nominated Guardians are able to draw from that Trust to help fund your children’s upbringing and education.

For couples, married or not, then our Joint Will form is ideal, allowing all the same features as the single will form but the addition of naming each other as first level beneficiaries. It also ensures that if both of you should die then again, your children’s inheritance is held in trust for them and means that you can nominate guardians for the children too.

This is a vital document to have in place if you have a family and without it you’re leaving your children at risk It’s important to make provisions for them and let everyone know legally what those provisions are through your wills.

So what is the next step?

Click on the relevant button on our website, single will or Joint will (sometimes called Mirror Wills).

Complete the form and make payment securely via PayPal.

We then write your will and email a copy to you so that you can check that it’s what you want.

If it’s what you want, email us back to confirm it’s ok and we print the original, bind it in an official cover and post it to you with full signing instructions. Easy!

Family Wills

Family Wills

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