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Family in your wills

If you want to put family in your wills, there’s often a concern that their wealth and assets may go to your children’s partner or spouses.

Even in basic wills reasons that this may occur can be reduced by writing in a clause that ensures that, if your child pre-deceases you, then their children will inherit the share that would have gone to the child if they were still alive.

We do this by including some wording using a bit of legal Latin “per stirpes” which literally means “by branch” but in law refers to the bloodline branch so the inheritance follows the bloodline down to the next generation.

You can write this into your wills even if your children have no children of their own at the time of you writing your will so that when they do have their own children they are automatically catered for.

If you’d like to further ensure that your grandchildren will benefit from your estate after your own children have inherited from you during their lifetime and then passed away this can be achieved by the use of a Discretionary Trust in your wills. These can last for up to 125 years and can be written to make sure that only your bloodline, down as many generations as the trust exists, are the beneficiaries, not their partners or spouses.

Basic and online wills usually include the “per stirpes” clause described so you don’t have to spend lets to protect your own family bloodline in your wills.

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If you’d like to discuss protecting your assets and keeping them in the family then please feel free to email or call us and we’ll be happy to talk you through how we can help. We’re also able to offer advice on the inclusion of trusts in your wills.

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