Basic Wills

Many people are quite unsure what they ought to write in a will and it’s usually a lot more simple than they think, certainly, I often get comments back from families that I’ve visited to take their will instructions along the lines of “That was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be!”.

I know there’s a lot of families that don’t conform to the “standard” family unit of husband, wife & 2 kids but even more complex family situations which are quite common these days (e.g. 2 adults living together as partners with children from previous relationships, often the male adult’s children from a previous relationship are still living with their natural mother as well) even Joint wills for such situations are easily catered for as long as your wishes are clear.

All things can be catered for, and often a basic will does the job when written correctly but sometimes there is the need to insert trusts in wills to control assets after death.

If you’re in any doubt at all, please call me and I’ll be able to offer advice on what will suit your family situation the best.

Single Wills Joint Wills