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The Attestation of a will is the process of changing a few sheets of bound paper into a very important document that could mean many hundreds of thousands of pounds to the people mentioned on those few sheets of bound paper. That’s a brief reminder of how important it is to get your will signed, dated and witnessed correctly, otherwise, it could cost your estate a lot of money and your hard-earned assets may go to someone that you don’t want them to go to.

So the Attestation process is the official will signing, there needs to be 3 people present in the same room at the same time and you need to follow the signing instructions that I send out with every will very carefully, failure to do so might invalidate your will.

Here’s the instructions that come with your wills when you apply online:

Signing Instructions

There are certain formal procedures that you have to follow to make your Wills legally valid.

If your Wills are invalid then your estate may not pass as you intended.

The signing involves 3 people:

• The person signing the Will
• 2 Witnesses

The person signing must be present throughout the process.

A Witness must be:

• Over 18
• Someone who is not an Executor or a Beneficiary of the Will
• Unrelated to you or to anyone mentioned in the Will either by blood or marriage
• Able to see (not blind)

Read your Wills carefully before signing them. It is not necessary for the Witnesses to read the Wills but they should be informed that it is a Will document that they are being asked to Witness.


In the presence of the 2 Witnesses and in the spaces provided would you please:
1. Date the document e.g. “the 1st day of March 2018”
2. Sign your name using your usual signature on the line at the right hand side of the last page below the date, it is labeled Testator or Testatrix (male and female respectively).
3. In your presence, ask the Witnesses to add their usual signatures on the bottom of the last page where provided asking them to print their names, addresses and occupations clearly for identification purposes.
4. Also date the outside top of the back cover using the same pen even if it doesn’t show up well.

If any amendments are necessary it is better to return it to us for alteration. If for any reason this is impractical, then the amendment should be made before you sign and the amendment should be initialled by you and both Witnesses. No alteration should be made after the Wills are signed.


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