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These are a pair of Joint or Mirror wills that largely but necessarily totally mirror each other. It doesn’t matter if the couple writing their wills are Married, in a Civil Partnership, or simply living together; it’s especially important that they write wills to ensure that if one of them dies, then the other isn’t disadvantaged.
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Joint and Mirror Will Writing Services
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    Mirror wills, also known as joint wills, help couples to ensure their mutual wishes are carried out when one person dies.

    Our easy-to-complete, automated will form creates two separate wills that are identical. The only minor difference is the name of the testator (the person whose will it is) and the executor (who is usually the testator’s partner in mirror wills). However, mirror wills do not need to be identical, and we also carry out home visits for more complicated joint wills.

    These types of wills suit most couples who live together and are in a relationship. It’s not necessary for a couple to be married; it’s very common for couples who live together to create mirror wills, particularly if they’ve been living together for a long time and/or have children. As long as both partners want the same things, there is nothing to stop them from creating a mirror will.

    MW Legal, online mirror wills

    At MW Legal, our online mirror wills are absolutely perfect for couples in a relationship who, in the first instance, want to leave everything to each other upon the first death and to their child(ren) after they have both passed away.

    Our online mirror wills are also very tax-efficient. If you have qualifying assets and plan to leave everything to your children, they will be able to take full advantage of all inheritance tax allowances, including both the Nil Rate Band (NRB) and the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB).

    At MW Legal, our mirror wills service is for married couples, couples in a civil partnership and people simply living together as partners. Get started today with our online form.

    What are mirror wills?

    As the name suggests, when making mirror wills, you get two identical wills; one for you and one for your partner or spouse. They will reflect your shared wishes and chosen beneficiaries after you have both passed away.

    A mirror will, sometimes called a joint will, ensures that when either partner dies, the surviving partner inherits their estate even if they are not legally entitled to it for reasons such as not being married.

    Who are mirror wills for?

    Mirror wills are for any couple in a relationship, be they married, in a civil partnership, or simply living together. As long as you have similar wishes for the distribution of your estates when you die, you can create identical mirror wills.

    How much do mirror wills cost?

    At MW Legal, we offer two different mirror wills services to our clients.

    Option 1 is to write your mirror will using the online form. Once it’s complete, you will be prompted to make a payment of £69. The system will automatically send you two wills – your own will and your spouse’s/partner’s will – with full signing instructions.

    Option 2 is our personalised will-writing service. If you are local to us, we can conduct a home visit or, if not, contact you by telephone, email, or video call. This option is more expensive but offers a much greater level of personal estate planning. For example, you can include specific gifts, or one partner can include slightly different wishes for their family members, depending on each person’s circumstances. Full guidance and advice will be provided by our experts. See our prices page for details of this service.

    When should a mirror will be completed?

    As with many things in life, there’s no time like the present. Nobody can predict the future, so it’s important to have wills reflecting your wishes in case one of you dies unexpectedly. Once your mirror wills are completed, you can have peace of mind that when you or your partner pass away, the surviving partner has a legally valid claim to the deceased’s estate.

    Having a will in place is so important. If you pass away without one, you will be ‘intestate’, which means your estate will be divided up according to the government’s rules and not necessarily in line with your wishes.

    Let’s make sure your loved ones are taken care of the way you want them to be – they will thank you for it!

    What do mirror wills comprise?

    In your mirror will, you can:

    • Nominate your executor, i.e., the person who will carry out your wishes correctly and ensure that your estate is passed on to your chosen beneficiaries. In mirror wills, the executor is usually the other partner.
    • Nominate a guardian if you have children under the age of 18.
    • Assign assets from your estate to your loved ones, i.e. your beneficiaries
    • Nominate one or more first-level beneficiaries and also second-level beneficiaries in case your first-level choices pre-decease you.
    • Build in inheritance tax planning and asset protection to limit your loved ones’ tax liability as much as possible.

    Our mirror will service

    We offer an affordable online will-writing process that’s quick, efficient and a fraction of the costs of a high-street solicitor. Should you have more complex requirements, we are happy to offer home visits to ensure your wishes are duly documented. This can give you valuable peace of mind that your partner and/or family will receive what is rightly theirs when you are gone.

    Protect your future today

    It’s crucial to have a mirror will in place to safeguard your partner and family’s future, and your own. Click here to begin the simple and speedy process of creating a mirror will now, or contact us to arrange a meeting.

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    As well as the many hundreds of times our clients recommend us to their friends and families, please read what some of them have written to us and said…

    Read why over 13,000 people have written a will with us...

    As well as the many hundreds of times our clients recommend us to their friends and families, please read what some of them have written to us and said…

    “They really do cover everything thoroughly and provide comprehensive supporting information with friendly and empathetic telephone support, during what could be for some people, a traumatic process. I am so pleased thatI found them whilst doing a lot of research online and I can now rest assured that my legacy is in safe hands.”
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    Frequently asked questions about online will writing

    It’s really easy and quick, click here and decide which will is for you and go to that form, complete the form and make payment at the end. Then, in a matter of minutes and your will is instantly available for download and is emailed to you immediately. Print your will out and follow the instructions to get is signed correctly, it’s then a valid legal document and can be used when the time comes.

    The simple answer is “No” but it’s reassuring for you to know that all the wills on this website are written by Matt Walkden, a Professional Will Writer with over 20 years experience and who also writes wills for Solicitors.

    The Online wills allow you to choose your Executors to carry out your wishes, your Guardians to look after any children that you may have who are under 18, and choose your beneficiaries, the people who will inherit your estate. The online wills also let you choose to leave a list of gifts for special items to go to certain loved ones and, if you have assets in participating EU countries, you can use your UK online will to control those assets too.

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