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I’ve been visiting clients in their homes for nearly 20 years now and, although many people need specific elements adding to their wills due to unusual circumstances or wishes, it’s true to say that the vast majority fall into only a very small number of categories.
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    Most couples I visit have very similar situations and if your situation is as the list below then you would also probably benefit from the type of Will that I often end up writing for those couples which I’ll explain later, firstly, confirm in your own mind that you tick all the following boxes:

    1 – You are a couple living together (it doesn’t matter if you’re married or not although there are tax advantages to being married).

    2 – You own your home Jointly (with or without a mortgage, that doesn’t matter either).

    3 – You have 1 or more children (children or stepchildren being treated in the same way all count)

    4 – Your basic wish when you die is for everything to go to your partner/spouse and when both of you die everything to be equally split between the children.

    The above describes a very common situation and very common wishes. It’s worth while you keep reading if you are also concerned about about losing the house to care home fees or your spouse remarrying after your death, if this is the case, please watch the short video here and then proceed if it’s what you would like for yourselves.

    Well done for watching the video and opting to continue reading because this is how I can help you achieve all these goals in your wills so that your share of the family home will always go to your children even if you die first, it’s called asset protection and is one of the best elements of Estate Planning.

    If you take up my offer below then the wills you get will do the following and will work perfectly, I’ve had many clients die and their wills have always done the job they were intended to do.

    Your wills will:

    1 – Revoke all previous wills, this is in every will even if you haven’t made a will before,

    2 – Nominate as your Executors each other plus either your children or close friends or family (3 additional Executors max),

    3 – Nominate Guardians for your children, it’s best to stick with close family for this nomination, name a first choice and a reserve.

    4 – Set out the terms of the Protective Property Trust to protect your half of the house but still enable your spouse to live in it for the rest of their lives and to use the trust money to move house if they want to.

    5 – Give everything else to your partner/spouse if you die first (that is everything except your half of the house because that’s in the trust),

    6 – Give everything when both of you have died to the children named if you die second.

    Included in the price is the Land Registry work necessary to change your house from Joint owners to Tenants in Common, this means that you can use your half of the house in your trust, as Joint owners you cannot so this is a necessary step.

    It’s important to note that if your situation and wishes, in any way shape or form, do not exactly mirror these points then you need to contact me separately and we can discuss your specific needs.

    To place your order for one of these wills please complete the form below and you will be able to make a payment of the £299 after submitting the form:

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    As well as the many hundreds of times our clients recommend us to their friends and families, please read what some of them have written to us and said…

    Read why over 13,000 people have written a will with us...

    As well as the many hundreds of times our clients recommend us to their friends and families, please read what some of them have written to us and said…

    “They really do cover everything thoroughly and provide comprehensive supporting information with friendly and empathetic telephone support, during what could be for some people, a traumatic process. I am so pleased thatI found them whilst doing a lot of research online and I can now rest assured that my legacy is in safe hands.”
    Mrs R. Dow, Cornwall
    “I’m very impressed with the service that your company has offered and how quick and hassle free the process has been. I will definitely recommend your service to my family and friends.”
    Miss D. Blakley – Kent
    “Please be assured that I have found your service to be nothing short of exceptional and will have no hesitation in recommending yourselves to anyone considering making a Will.”
    Mr A. Sharp, Cornwall

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    It’s really easy and quick, click here and decide which will is for you and go to that form, complete the form and make payment at the end. Then, in a matter of minutes and your will is instantly available for download and is emailed to you immediately. Print your will out and follow the instructions to get is signed correctly, it’s then a valid legal document and can be used when the time comes.

    The simple answer is “No” but it’s reassuring for you to know that all the wills on this website are written by Matt Walkden, a Professional Will Writer with over 20 years experience and who also writes wills for Solicitors.

    The Online wills allow you to choose your Executors to carry out your wishes, your Guardians to look after any children that you may have who are under 18, and choose your beneficiaries, the people who will inherit your estate. The online wills also let you choose to leave a list of gifts for special items to go to certain loved ones and, if you have assets in participating EU countries, you can use your UK online will to control those assets too.

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