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Will Do Will Writing App

Will Do Will Writing App

Will Do is our fabulous Will Writing App

This Will Writing App is a free Will writing app, it’s been available since mid January 2015 and has been used by thousands of people to write their wills, it will enable you to nominate:

  • Guardians
  • Beneficiaries
  • Reserve or substitute beneficiaries

Once you’ve completed the form on the App, your will is emailed to you immediately, it comes complete with signing instructions and storage options.

It’s ideally suited to emergency wills and has been used in care homes and hospitals alike.

Following completion of your will, the App is then clear again for you to help your friends and family make their wills, it’s a commonly quoted fact that about 70% of the adult population in England and Wales don’t have a will, make sure your friends and family don’t fall into that embarrassing statistical group.

The Will Do Will Writing App is ideal for many groups of people, single parents need to use it to nominate Guardians for their children and make sure that their children inherit from them in the event of their untimely death.

It’s especially important for married couples going through Divorce to write wills that reflect their current wishes because if they leave it to the rules of intestacy as stipulated by the Government, the person that will inherit, their estranged spouse, is probably not the person that they would like their estate to go to.

In the past, experience tells me, that many of our armed forces personnel use this service to make sure that they have adequate wills in place prior to being deployed overseas into the theatre of war.

To download the Will Do App go to your iTunes App Store and search for Will Do, alternatively, you can click here

If you have any queries, please read the FAQ page first as it answers most of the questions that people ask.

If you have any queries regarding the App then please email us on


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