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Joint or Mirror Wills

These are a pair of Joint or Mirror wills that largely, but totally, mirror each other, it doesn’t matter if the couple writing their wills are Married, in a Civil Partnership or simply living together, it’s especially important that they write wills to ensure that, if one of them dies, then the other isn’t disadvantaged.

Many people think that this constitutes one will but it doesn’t, you still get two wills, one for each partner, so you still have individual wills that, to a larger or lesser extent, and that depends on your wishes, mirror each other.

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It’s a quick and simple process, just click on the image below and complete the form that it takes you to. Make payment at the end and I’ll email you a pair of draft mirror wills to check, once checked by you and you’ve told me that they’re ok, I’ll print and post the originals to you with full signing instructions.

Our online Mirror Wills form is very quick and easy to use, you’ll need to input your own details, details of your Executors (there’s an option to use Professionals if you want), details of your Guardians if you have any children under the age of 18 and details of your beneficiaries. You can also add information about any specific gifts that you want to give and make use of the Brussels IV agreement if you own property in other EU countries.

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Mirror Wills can help the whole family

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